A Legacy of Mule Deer Conservation in Wyoming

Wyoming is home to extraordinary wildlife and intact ecosystems. These habitats and wildlife herds are unprecedented, including a wildlife migration that reaches nearly 250 miles. When speaking of the natural resources of Wyoming, our wildlife and intact habitat account for one of the largest economic drivers in the state, outdoor recreation. When something as important to our identity and economy…

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Standing Up For Sage Grouse

The Greater sage-grouse is an iconic western bird whos status and population health will have lasting effects for wildlife management and energy development in Wyoming. Throughout the last ten years the state of Wyoming along with a myriad of diverse stakeholders have been working to manage this chicken-sized bird to reduce its rate of population decline. Effort has been focused…

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Crucial Habitat On The Auction Block

  Written By: Joy Bannon, WWF Field Director Wyoming must balance energy and mineral extraction with making sure our hunting and fishing areas are kept healthy and contiguous. Decision makers in Wyoming are often tasked with balancing the management of its world class wildlife along with energy and mineral resource development. The back and forth – develop, don’t develop, conserve,…

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